Referee Resources and Training

Download the AMA referee report or recreational event report

AMA referees are expected to help uphold the high standards of AMA-sanctioned competition. Below is information on referee training, as well as downloadable referee reports and information for promoters who are looking for an AMA-trained referee in their area.

For questions about the AMA referee program, email

Recreational Event Report Form and Injury Form

Competition Referee Report Form and Injury Form

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Click here to view the list of Class B Referees.

Referee Training

Start the process of becoming a trained AMA referee With AMA Class C Referee Training. AMA Class C Referee Training provides the foundation for the AMA's referee program. First, download the Class C Referee Study Guide to review (once it opens, make sure you save it to your computer for reference later), and then click here to take the online test. If you pass, you'll receive an AMA Class C Referee certificate.

Those who have completed AMA Class C Referee Training are invited to participate in AMA Class B Referee Training, which covers discipline-specific topics. Below is information on AMA Class B Referee Training:

Motocross: Class B Study Guide (Motocross) | Online test

Off-road: Class B Study Guide (Off-Road) | Online test

Track racing: Class B Study Guide (Track) | Online test