Oklahoma: Lake Murray State Park

Ardmore, Okla.

By Britt Lambert

We love Lake Murray for a couple reasons: It's a great family riding area, and it's a perfect example of how your Recreational Trails Program grant money can be put to work building and improving ATV riding for everyone.

The area was once kind of an ignored area — there were a few trails that only a small group of people knew about, and no improvements.

Lake Murray State Park is Oklahoma’s oldest and largest state park. There is every activity imaginable here. The one area that needed improvement was the ATV/motorcycle area. The state provided money, combined with RTP grant money, to improve the area over a number of years.

The development was completed three years ago and now has almost all the comforts of home.

Lake Murray has 1,000 acres to explore and just about every type of terrain you and your ATV desire. There are hills and wooded areas, open areas, and there is even a little sand.

The entire area is fenced, which makes it easy for those who have a tendency to get lost. If you run into a fence or the lake you are at the boundary of the area.

When it comes to camping, you have several options. There are 29 full-service sites that have electrical, water and sewer hook-ups for $19 per night. There are 14 improved tent sites for $8 per night.

There is also a large day-use parking lot for those who don’t have enough time off work to camp for the weekend. There are improved toilets—not the smelly outhouse type, but flush toilets and running water.

As you enter the riding area, an attendant will charge you $7 per day per rider and will issue you an arm band. Nobody is allowed in the riding area without an arm band.

Camping sites may not be reserved, and are on a first-come first-served basis. Get there early or go during the week if your schedule allows.

The ATV/motorcycle riding area is open year round and riding is restricted to daylight hours only. Three- and four-wheel ATVs and motorcycles are welcome. Full-size 4x4’s and dune buggies aren't allowed on the trails.

Don’t want to camp, but want to ride for several days? Ardmore is only eight miles away and has many motels and restaurants to choose from. For those last-minute supplies and gas, there is a convenience store just half a mile out the gate of the riding area.

For more information on Lake Murray call (580) 223-4044 or check out www.travelok.com.