Indiana: Haspin Acres

Laurel, Ind.

Haspin Acres in Laurel, Ind., has 750 acres of wooded hills offering lots of fun.

At the time of this writing, admission was $15 per person, plus you needed to buy a "liability waiver card" for $1 that was good for a year.

There is camping available, as well as shower and bathroom facilities.

The facility has two motocross tracks. One is a smaller Supercross-style track that is slower and more technical. The other is a motocross-style track that is faster and has larger jumps.

The park is open 365 days a year. The park also features hair scramble races and even dirt drags.

The park allows SUVs, rail buggies, modified trucks, ATVs and dirtbikes.

The trails aren't marked because there are so many of them.

Haspin has a restaurant that is open on the weekends.

All children under age 18 who will ride must have a waiver form signed by a parent or guardian. If a parent or guardian won't be with the child, then the waiver must be signed and notarized.

Haspin Acres is located about halfway between Indianapolis, Indiana and Cincinnati, Ohio, just a little north of Highway 52 in Laurel.

If you want to stay in a motel, there are plenty to choose from in Connersville, Indiana, which is nine miles north on Highway 121. Here you will also find a large selection for restaurants along with grocery stores and shopping.

To get there from Indianapolis, take I-74 east for 23 miles, take Indiana 244 east to Andersonville for 21 miles, Take U.S. 52 east for seven miles, take Indiana 121 north to Laurel, about four miles. Then go right on Laurel Avenue. Once you cross the bridge, Haspin is on the right.