AMA Hazel Kolb Brighter Image Award

The AMA Hazel Kolb Brighter Image Award was created in February 1987 and honors the accomplishments of AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame member Hazel Kolb, the first woman to serve on the AMA Board of Trustees. It is presented annually to an individual or organization that generates good publicity for motorcycling. 


  • The North American Trials Council introduces youngsters to riding, which is arguably the most important activity to sustain the motorcycling lifestyle. It does this with great success through its many club and national events for youth.


  • Scott A. Witt, M.D., medical director for the newborn intensive care unit at Sutter Santa Rosa Regional Hospital, received national recognition for his heroic efforts to transport babies under his care during the devastating wildfires in Santa Rosa, Calif., in October 2017. Witt's actions were all the more notable because he accomplished them using his BMW R nineT motorcycle.


  • Backcountry Discovery Routes, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to establish and preserve off-highway routes for dual-sport and adventure motorcycle travel.


  • Chris Ulrich, MotoAmerica AMA/FIM North America Superbike racer, Roadracing World journalist and fundraiser for the Roadracing World Action Fund


  • Peter Cline, founder of VETMotorsports


  • "Why We Ride" feature film - James Walker, Producer; Bryan H. Carroll, Producer/Director; Chris Hampel, Writer/Co-Producer
  • "Road Warriors, The Bleeding Edge of Motorcycle Racing" feature film - Matt Greenstone, Writer/Director


  • John English and Leff Moore for spearheading the creation of the Hatfield-McCoy Trails system in West Virginia


  • Bernie Bredbenner for creating the Motorcycle Miracle Tour charity ride to benefit pediatric services in Pennsylvania. Over 26 years, the ride raised more than $1 million


  • Southwest Airlines Spirit magazine - for its positive portrayal of AMA Motocross and Supercross in the article "Dirty Job" (Paul Goldsmith, May 2005)
  • Nevada Commission on Tourism's "Wide Open" campaign - for its prominent depiction of off-highway motorcycles and ATVs in its television commercial, and for the corresponding depiction of street motorcycles, off-highway motorcycles and ATVs in its Open Roads highways magazine
  • Transamerica's "Haircut" TV commercial - for its prominent depiction of motorcycle touring as a mainstream activity and an aspiration for financial planning


  • Dirk Kempthorne - for using his visibility as Governor of The State of Idaho to promote motorcycling riding and safety


  • Bill Dutcher - for the positive contributions Americade has made to motorcycling
  • Kyle Petty - for his annual charity ride and his commitment to charitable causes


  • Lt. Col. Duane "Digger" Carey - AMA member and Space Shuttle pilot who carried the AMA flag into space


  • Ken Griffey, Jr. - Baseball player for the Cincinnati Reds who portrays a positive image as a father/son motocross enthusiast
  • Brian Neale - AMA member/author of "AMA Membership Has Its Benefits," published in the Chicago Tribune
  • Southern Company - annual report which featured then CEO, Bill Dahlberg, posing on a Harley-Davidson
  • Peter Michelmore - author of "Ride of Their Lives," published in Reader's Digest, story about Roy Hutchison, a motorcyclist and foster parent of a handicapped child
  • American Heritage - contained article, "Women on Wheels, which honors the Women in Motorcycling traveling exhibit


  • Barbara Schock and Tamara Tiehel for the production of the video, "My Mother Dreams the Satan's Disciples in New York"
  • Columbus Monthly for the article entitled, "Hog Heaven"
  • Dennis Read, author of the above article
  • The Tonight Show for featuring Supercross on a live segment
  • Forbes ASAP Magazine for publishing the article titled, "Speed Reading," in the April 3, 2000 issue
  • AARP for running magazine advertisements showing the use of motorcycles in a positive way by retired persons
  • Mastercard, Inc., for a television commercial depicting a retired couple using a motorcycle to tour China


  • Power to Create, Inc., producer of "There Goes A Motorcycle" video
  • Dave Hood Entertainment, producer of "There Goes A Motorcycle" video
  • The Kansas Lottery, favorable TV ad, "Holiday Resolutions"
  • Barkley & Evergreen, advertising agency for "Holiday Resolutions"
  • AvMed Health Plan, favorable TV ad, "Bikers"
  • Chrispin Porter Bogusky, advertising agency for "Bikers"
  • Lyle Lovett, favorable article in American Way (8/1/97) also rider in South to Patagonia video
  • Malcolm Smith, former racer, rider in On Any Sunday and South To Patagonia videos
  • Dan Aykroyd, actor starring in "Soul Man" sitcom
  • Scot Harden, Vice-President, Marketing & Communications, KTM Sportmotorcycles, principal in South To Patagonia video
  • KTM Sportmotorcycles, principal in South To Patagonia video
  • The Guggenheim Museum, "The Art of the Motorcycle" exhibit
  • Angus S. King Jr., Governor of Maine, photo with motorcycle in Maine Tourist Guide
  • Mazda, several positive TV ads


  • Ann Ferrar, author "Hear Me Roar"
  • Hallmark, Inc., "Motorcycle Chums", Xmas ornament
  • The 7 Up Bottling Company, Xmas TV ad depicting motorcyclists delivering gifts
  • DJM Post Production, New York, NY, 7 Up ad agency
  • American Federal Savings Bank, positive TV ads
  • Banik & Associates Advertising Design Inc., ad agency for American Federal Savings Bank
  • PBS, for its series "Going Places" - Biking the Black Hills
  • Al Roker, host of PBS series, Biking the Black Hills
  • Engel Brothers Media Inc., producers of Biking the Black Hills
  • Harrison Ford, People article (8/4/97) plus interview on Rosie O'Donnell show
  • Rosie O'Donnell, favorable comments on her show
  • The Lancaster County Magazine, positive article (July 1997)
  • Sue Long, writer, Lancaster County Magazine article


  • Andy Pargh, reporter for the NBC television network, for his segment that appeared on the "Today Show" featuring a variety of motorcycles
  • NBC's "Today Show" for Andy Pargh's Gadget Guru segment
  • American Way magazine, a publication of American Airlines, for a favorable article on motorcycling
  • Jim Petersen, author of a favorable article on motorcycling that appeared in American Way magazine
  • The Women's Motorcyclist Foundation for their fund-raising efforts to aid in the research on breast cancer
  • The Cross Island Motorcycle Club and Slavin/Schaffer Films for the recycling ad the appeared in a New York publication
  • The Sharper Image catalog and to its founder Richard Thalheimer for the full page portrait in the catalog of Thalheimer on his Ducati motorcycle
  • Slavin/Schaffer Films, agency for Cross Island Motorcycle Club ad
  • Cosmopolitan Magazine, article "Fast, Fast Women" October 1996


  • The Franklin Mint Almanac and Mort Wood for a feature story on Wood's vintage motorcycle collection that appeared in the October/November 1994 issue of the magazine
  • Drag racer Steve Johnson who promotes the sport of motorcycling through his work in school anti-drug programs
  • Shav Glick, Los Angeles Times sports reporter, who has given several generations of motorcycle racers extensive coverage in one of the nation's most influential daily publications


  • Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell
  • Visa USA and BBD&O for featuring a Cleveland, Ohio Harley-Davidson dealership in one of Visa's ad campaigns
  • The Christian Motorcyclist Association
  • SLM Fitness, William Cameron, and Tyee Productions for featuring motocross athletes in an info-mercial on the Gravity Edge training machine
  • AV Entertainment, Inc., Emerson Glazer, and Greg Micallef for the television feature "Everyone Rides"
  • The Columbus (Ohio) Symphony Orchestra and its marketing director, Carla Hill, for CSO's use of motorcycles in their 1994 advertising campaign


  • Women On Wheels motorcycle club
  • The Employees of Harley-Davidson Motor Company for good publicity gained through Harley-Davidson's 90th Anniversary
  • Mary Hart, co-host of the television program Entertainment Tonight
  • The television program Entertainment Tonight
  • Pete DeLasho, producer of the MTV program Roadhog
  • MTV for the program Roadhog
  • Dr. Bob Meister, road racer


  • Montana Power Company for advertising favorably depicting motorcycling
  • Flying Magazine for advertising favorably depicting motorcycling
  • Pepsi-Cola for its Mountain Dew commercial favorably depicting motorcycling
  • Hummel figurines, Goebel Marketing, and Pedone and Partners for advertising favorably depicting motorcycling
  • Rae Tyson, writer for USA Today and to USA Today for positive motorcycle coverage
  • Knights of Life Motorcycle Club, Chapter One, for press coverage of voluntary emergency medical services
  • Mike & Dianne Traynor for Ride for Kids by Honda, a fund raising program which promotes motorcycle runs to raise money for childhood brain tumor research
  • Mike & Dianne Traynor for their fund raising program which promotes motorcycle runs to raise money for childhood brain tumor research
  • The Palm Beach Post for positive motorcycle journalism
  • Bruce Goldberg for positive motorcycle journalism in The Palm Beach Post


  • Merle Jacobsen, writer for The Washington Times
  • Ron Davidson for his editorials on KBLL Radio, Helena, Montana
  • The Motor Maids, a national women's motorcycle club dedicated to improving public acceptance of motorcycling
  • Chris Pfouts, writer for New Choices Magazine
  • Smith-Kline-Beecham and Grey Advertising for Geritol advertising favorably depicting motorcycling
  • Roland Rowe, writer for People Magazine
  • Catharine Rambeau for her internationally recognized motorcycle tour


  • The Maine National Guard for a recruiting campaign favorably depicting motorcycling
  • John E. Evans for his editorial on WESH-TV, Daytona Beach, Fla.
  • The Milwaukee Journal, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Jeanne Mare Werle, Courtney Caldwell, Patty Mills, and Carol Auster, four women who conducted a coast-to-coast media tour on motorcycles sponsored by Discover Today's Motorcycling
  • The California Highway Patrol for a public information campaign urging motorists to safely share the road with motorcyclists


  • The Motorcycle Industry Council for its "Discover Today's Motorcycling" public information campaign
  • Phil Schmit of Long Beach, California, and Charles Peretian of Paso Robles, California, for their contributions to an exhibit on motorcycling assembled in the Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution
  • Jay Leno for his favorable presentation as an active motorcyclist and entertainer
  • Malcolm S. Forbes for his favorable presentation as an active motorcyclist and publisher