Alabama: Stoney Lonesome OHV Park

Cullman County, Ala.

One of the coolest ATV parks in the nation is called Stony Lonesome. The 1,456-acre park opened in 2008 in Cullman County in north central Alabama.

Stony Lonesome OHV Park takes its name from the large creek that runs through the property.

Trails are open for ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, full-sized 4x4s, bicycles and horses.

And there's plenty of parking space. There is a large parking lot that will hold hundreds of trucks and trailers, including the biggest of rigs.

All the trails at Stony Lonesome are single-use, one-way-only trails. The only exception is the service road that connects all the areas, which is two-way traffic for all types of users.

The park is divided into different areas for different machines. The ATV-UTV trails feature the most miles of trails.

The terrain varies on the ATV-UTV trails from low areas that are a little more open and can get muddy in spots, to heavily wooded hilly areas, with a few small rocky areas thrown in to make it interesting. Work your way up to the top of the mountain and take in the views of the surrounding county.

Single-track trails are just a short distance from the parking lot. The area is divided into three separate areas: one for motorcycles, one for bicycles and another for equestrian.

Another area is designated the “Rock Crawl” area. These trails are designed for full-sized 4x4 vehicles. We are told there are a few sections that should present a real challenge.

Currently the park is open weekends. Plans are for the park to be open year round in the future. There is a fee.

ATV, UTV and motorcycle riders are required to wear helmets and other protective gear. No double riding is allowed unless the vehicle is manufactured as a two-person vehicle.

Development plans for the park include an office, maintenance buildings, camp sites with hook-ups and a bath house.

An environmental learning center, with a walking trail, along with an ATV-dirtbike training area and special kids area are being designed as well.

Cullman County bought the property in March of 2007, with most of the money coming from the Alabama Department of Economic Development. Our hats off to all the people involved for opening the park so quickly.

If you plan on staying in a motel, Cullman, which is just north on I-65, has a number of motels to choose from, along with plenty of restaurants, a grocery and an ATV dealership.

Getting to Stony Lonesome is easy. It's on I-65 between Birmingham and Huntsville. From I-65 take exit 299, the Dodge City exit, and follow SR 69 southwest about seven miles to the park.

Contact: Stony Lonesome OHV Park, 8323 AL Hwy 69S, Cullman, AL 35057, or call the park office at (256) 287-1133. The website is