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Oklahoma State Laws


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Daytime Use of Headlight
Required by state law; OK Statute 47-12-601
Modulating headlight permitted per Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49, 571.108
Eye Protection
Required by law unless equipped with windscreen; OK Statute 47-12-609
Handlebar Height
No higher than eye level of the operator; OK Statute 47-12-609 (c)
Helmet Speakers
No Restrictions
Lane Splitting

Not authorized; OK Statute 47-11-1103(D) "No driver of a motorcycle, motor-driven cycle, motorized scooter, motorized bicycle, or electric-assisted bicycle shall pass other vehicles between lanes of traffic traveling in the same direction.This subsection shall not apply to the operator of an authorized emergency vehicle."

Lemon Law Coverage
Yes;  Oklahoma Attorney General (Statute 15-901)
Maximum Sound Level
No person shall modify the exhaust system in any manner which will amplify or increase the noise or sound emitted louder than that emitted by the muffler originally installed on the vehicle; OK Statute 47-12-402
Mirror Left(L) Right(R)
Two required by law; OK Statute 47-12-609 (1)
Motorcycles operating two abreast in same lane
Not authorized.
Must be equipped with a muffler or other effective noise-suppressing system in good working order and in constant operation; OK Statute 47-12-609 (6)
Passenger Age Restriction
Passenger Footrest
Required if carrying a passenger; OK Statute 47-11-1103
Passenger Seat
Required if carrying a passenger; OK Statute 47-11-1103
Periodic Safety Inspection
Not Required, although Law enforcement may, upon reasonable cause to believe that a vehicle is unsafe or not properly equipped as required, require that the driver of the vehicle stop and submit the vehicle to an inspection by the officer.
Radar Detector
No Restriction
Rider Education
Not Available. However, the MSF does offer rider courses in Oklahoma.
In addition, the city of Edmond, OK offers a grant funded Civilian Motorcycle School
Rider-Education Waiver
Skill Test
State Insurance Requirements
Compulsory Liability (Minimum Limits)(10/20/10) - Insurance discount available for 3 years following completion of motorcycle accident prevention course. Excludes graduates attending pursuant to court order.
Traffic Actuated Signals
Motorcycles may proceed cautiously through a steady red light after a complete stop; OK Statute 47-11-202(d)
Turn Signals
Required on all model year 2005 Required by state law; OK Statute 47-12-606

Off Road

Eye Protection
Not Required
Not Required
Maximum Sound Level
No Limit
Minimum Operator Age
No Restriction
Not Required
Operator License
Not Required
Rider Education Certification
Not Required
Safety Helmet
Required under age 18.
Spark Arrestor
Not Required
Not Required
Trails Program
Vehicle Title
Required by Law


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