February 5th, 2014 —
The AMA Office will be closed today due to inclement weather and treacherous road conditions in Central Ohio.
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Motorcycle Awareness Month


May is Motorcycle Awareness Month. States around the nation use this month to educate motorists on recognizing motorcyclists, as well as encourage motorcyclists to be careful on the road. Below are the official proclamations and resolutions made around the country:

Alabama: 2012 AL HJR-334

Alaska: AK Statutes 44.12.118

Arizona: 2012 AZ Proclamation

Arkansas: 2012 AR Proclamation

Florida: 2012 FL Proclamation

Georgia: 2012 GA HR-1919

Idaho: 2011 ID Proclamation

Illinois: 2012 IL HJR-83; 2012 IL HR-997; 2012 IL SR-764; 2012 IL Proclamation

Indiana: 2012 IN Proclamation

Iowa: 2012 IA Proclamation

Louisiana: 2012 LA Proclamation

Massachusetts: 2012 MA Proclamation

Michigan: 2012 MI HR-214

Minnesota: 2012 MN Proclamation

Missouri: 2012 MO SB-824

New Hampshire: 2012 NH Proclamation

New Jersey: 2007 NJ Proclamation

New York: 2012 NY J4243-2011

North Carolina: 2012 NC Proclamation

North Dakota: 2012 ND Proclamation

Ohio: 2012 OH Proclamation

Oregon: 2012 OR Proclamation

Pennsylvania:  2012 PA HR-589; 2012 PA Proclamation

South Dakota: 2012 SD Proclamation

Tennessee: 2012 TN SB-3123

Virginia: 2012 VA Proclamation

Washington: 2012 WA Proclamation

Wisconsin: 2012 WI SJR-71; 2012 WI Proclamation

Wyoming: 2012 WY Proclamation