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Share Your Story

Posed shot of young motorcycle teamHave you volunteered your time to benefit the motorcycling community? Were your efforts successful? Did you have to jump through hoops to achieve your goal? We want to hear about your accomplishments, no matter how big or small they may have been, and what you did to make it possible.

By sharing your accomplishments and tips on what did – and did not – work, other riders can benefit when they become active in their own community or state.

By sharing your experiences with us, you are giving us permission to use your story, or part of it, to motivate other members in a publication of American Motorcyclist magazine, posted on our website, or used in another publication, conference presentation, or as an example when communicating with legislators.

To submit your story, please write a brief, 300-word summary about what you set out to accomplish, what you did, what worked, what was not successful and the outcome to AMA's Government Relations Department Remember, these stories help pass on the knowledge you gained in your experiences to help others achieve similar goals in their community.

Thank you for all that you do to protect and preserve motorcycling. You can make a difference, and the combined work of riders everywhere makes all the difference!

Volunteer! Contact AMA's Government Relations Department