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A Quick Check List Of Stuff To Take On Tour

Here are a few items you might want to consider including
in your own personal moto-touring packing list:

  1. Clear Contact paper or low-tack tape (great for protecting motorcycle bodywork from luggage straps and bungee cords)
  2. Soft-hook tie-downs (great for creating bungee cord hooks)
  3. Bungee cords
  4. Siphon hose
  5. Ziplock bags (thousands of uses—you can even drain gas into a bag from one bike's petcock, then pour it into another bike)
  6. Zip-ties
  7. Duct tape and electrical tape (wrap a small amount around each leg of the pliers in your bike's tool kit to save space)
  8. Flat repair kit (tube or tubeless, depending on your machine)
  9. CO2 cartridge tire inflators, or another type of inflation device
  10. Chain master link
  11. Handi-wipes
  12. Cellphone
  13. Bike cover
  14. Flashlight
  15. Multi-tool or Swiss Army knife
  16. Tire pressure gauge
  17. Shop rags
  18. Extra fuses
  19. Extra ignition key
  20. Towel/Aspirin
  21. Earplugs
  22. Sunblock
  23. Chapstick
  24. $20 bill hidden on bike
  25. Up-to-date license and registration
  26. Spare glasses
  27. Spare dark or light faceshield
  28. Bandana (protect your neck from cold or your mouth from dust; or, in hot weather, soak it in water and tie it around your neck)
  29. Laundry detergent (powder)/clothespins (for washing out a shirt in your room)
  30. Space blanket
  31. Lighter
  32. Rain-X (check your windshield manufacturer for use)
  33. Faceshield cleaner
  34. Water (a backpack hydration systems can be a lifesaver in hot weather)
  35. U-lock/disc lock
  36. Raingear (with glove and boot covers)
  37. Walking shoes
  38. Weather radio
  39. Spare helmet hardware (plastic screws)
  40. Garbage bags (for rainproofing your luggage or even as an extra windproof layer on you in extreme cold)
  41. Telephone calling card
  42. Camera
  43. Emergency medical and contact info in wallet