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12 Tips To Make Your Motorcycle Run Forever

TipsGo out on your own terms. That's how you want to decide it's time to trade in your old bike for a new one—not while you're suddenly stranded on the side of I-Something with (pick one):

  1. A munched valve train
  2. A locked tranny
  3. A blown wheel bearing
  4. A dead charging system, or
  5. Any combination of the above

Of course, bad stuff like that can happen, but it doesn't have to. In fact, if you treat your bike right, you can considerably reduce the wear and tear that makes new bikes into old bikes—or opens the door for catastrophic failure.

The secret? A sensible, 12-step maintenance program.

Here's how to make sure you get tired of your bike before it tires of you.

Your 12 step maintenance program

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  • 1. Follow the recommendations in your manuals

  • 2. Break it in right

  • 3. Change the oil

  • 4. Clean the air filter

  • 5. Air up

  • 6. Keep your bearings

  • 7. Watch your drivetrain

  • 8. Protect your charge

  • 9. Look for quality

  • 10. Check, please

  • 11. Ride it right

  • 12. If it ain't broke...