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2015 SENA AMA Flash Tours

AMA Flash ToursLooking for a great reason to ride? Want a challenge? No time to commit to a full-on AMA Grand Tour? Get out and ride the SENA AMA Flash Tours!

AMA Flash Tours challenge you to get on the road to interesting destinations -- many off the beaten path -- and document the challenge for others. To participate, just email your photos that correspond to the active Flash Tour listed below. We'll add your photo to our AMA Flash Tours photo gallery on Facebook, and at the end of each Flash Tour, we'll select a winner.

We'll add new Flash Tours throughout the year. Keep checking back for more chances to play.

Each tour is a minimum of three days in duration, and none lasts longer than a few weeks. Destinations are everywhere, so you have every reason to join in the fun. You could even win a cool prize – a winner will be chosen at random from those who finish each tour.

Winning photos for completed Flash Tours are shown below. All entries also can be seen on our AMA Flash Tours photo albums on Facebook.

AMA Flash Tours

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  • Happy Halloween! (October 1-31)

  • Mom & Pop Stops (September 1-30)

  • I've Been Everywhere (August 1-31)

  • Put me in Coach! (July 1- 31)

  • 90 and Counting (May 19 - June 30)

  • 2013

  • "Look! Up in the Sky!" Flash Tour (Nov 1-30)

  • Fall Colors Flash Tour (Oct 1-31)

  • Where the Road Ends Flash Tour (Sep 1-30)

  • Bridges, Dams, Peaks & Passes (Aug 1-31)

  • Roadside U.S.A. (May 1-July 31)

  • Go Ride! Special Edition Flash Tour (April 1-30)

  • World's Largest & Smallest (March 9 - March 31)

  • 2012

  • Planes, Trains, & (Cool) Automobiles (November 16 - December 3)

  • Odd Names and Strange Places (October 12-November 8)

  • International Flash Tour (September 1 - 21)

  • How Shall I Describe Thee? (Aug 1 - 16)

  • Let's Get Wild! (Jul 16 - 31)

  • Hotter ‘n Blazes (July 2 - 15)

  • V is For ...! (June 18 - July 1)

  • See & Be Scene (May 5 - 31)

  • Go AMA! (April 20 - May 3)

  • Ride To Eat (April 6 - April 19)


  1. AMA Flash Tours challenges will be posted on the AMA web site (http://www.americanmotorcyclist.com/riding) and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/AmericanMotorcyclist)
  2. Riders are encouraged to safely visit a destination suggested by the theme of the active tour
  3. Tours will be active for no fewer than three days, and no longer than a few weeks. All entries must be received prior to the cut-off date specified in the tour challenge. Enter as many times as you like (with different destinations), or until you win.
  4. Entries must include the real name and valid contact information of the rider -- you want us to be able to find you when you win, don’t you?
  5. Read the directions carefully -- If we ask for a picture with your mother’s apron, a dish towel will not be accepted.
  6. Entries must be submitted via email. Check the Flash Tours page for link. 
  7. AMA will randomly select a winner from qualified entries. Winners will be notified by AMA staff. Prizes are subject to change or substitution at any time, but will be cool motorcycle stuff regardless.
  8. All submissions become property of the AMA for unrestricted use. (If you have a problem with that, don’t enter. But if you don’t enter, you can’t win -- so enter.)
  9. “Qualifying entries” will be determined by AMA staff. Decisions on qualifying entries are final.