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AMA LongRider Program: Start the Clock

The AMA LongRider program is back and better than ever. Here’s your chance to show other riders that your motorcycle is not a toy. It is your preferred way of getting around. AMA members are invited to “start the clock” on their AMA LongRider recognition right away by registering as an AMA LongRider today.

Here’s how it works: Send us proof of your motorcycle’s mileage along with the registration form and a small fee to cover the costs of administration and materials. You will receive an AMA LongRider patch and a decal for your bike. Then, just ride. Mileage awards are available at 10,000, 25,000 and 50,000 annual miles. In addition to the awards, AMA LongRiders will be recognized on the AMA website. Don’t get a chance to ride that often? Just let your miles accumulate over time for a Lifetime Mileage award. Let us know when you’ve reached a milestone and we will send you a rocker for your patch. You can add a rocker for every milestone you achieve. More AMA LongRider gear and annual challenges are coming soon.

AMA LongRider DecalLifetime Mileage awards for 25,000, 50,000, 100,000, 250,000, 500,000, 750,000 and 1 million miles are available. Riders who log 100,000 miles or more will also receive special recognition on the AMA LongRider high-mileage recognition page. Serious riders who achieve 1 million miles will earn a special AMA LongRider plaque. (Additional patches and decals are available for order, exclusively by registered AMA LongRiders.)

Long Rider Rules:

  • Must be current AMA member
  • Must agree to abide by AMA verification rules and procedures
  • Must register for program (miles begin to accumulate once registered). Click to download AMA LongRider registration form
  • May use multiple motorcycles (register bikes at time of initial registration or add them upon purchase)

Lifetime Mileage Awards:

  • Previous verified AMA LongRider (Emeritus) mileage counts
  • Verified mileage from AMA-chartered clubs and owner’s groups will be credited
  • AMA will consider verified mileage awards from non-AMA other groups/clubs/dealers on a case-by-case basis
  • Emeritus applicants may justify mileage ridden (maintenance logs, annual mileage awards, etc.) between end of old AMA LongRider Program in 2008 and 2013 (mileage going forward from 2013 must be verified as above)
  • Contact for LongRider Emeritus application

Annual Mileage:

  • “Start the Clock” each year by sending in an odometer photo (must have your AMA number in the picture), copy of dealer service records, or witness form from your AMA-chartered club president, AMA Congress delegate or an AMA State Chapter network official (witness must sign registration form with AMA number). You can also certify your mileage at the AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum in Pickerington, Ohio.
  • Only verifiable mileage counts toward AMA LongRider Awards (odometer vs. “trail miles”). This is a road/adventure riding program
  • If multiple motorcycles are used, mileage will count from time each motorcycle is registered
  • Milestone Awards applications must include verification of miles ridden. Click to download AMA LongRider Awards Request

How it works:AMA LongRider Patches

  • Riders register using a registration form downloaded from this website. Click to download AMA LongRider registration form
  • ODO pics and other verification will be added to member profile as a permanent record with the AMA
  • AMA LongRiders receive program decal and patch with paid registration
  • Emeritus LongRiders may order updated mileage decal/patch rockers (use special verification form; contact
  • Mailed correspondence can be sent to 13515 Yarmouth Dr., Pickerington, OH 43147. Patches/decals will not be sent without verification or proof of previous award