Sanctioning and Insurance

Forms and information for sanctioning with the AMA

The paperwork for holding an AMA-sanctioned event is simple. AMA-chartered clubs or organizations just download, fill out and return the below forms with their sanction fee. The group can then receive all the benefits of hosting an AMA-sanctioned event, one of which is the signalling to the local community and others that their event embodies the principles of fairness, responsibility and competitiveness that characterize AMA-sanctioned events.

2017 Sanction and Insurance Forms

2018 Sanction and Insurance Forms

  • 2018 Recreational Standard Sanction: For non-competition events (whether on- or off-road) such as dual-sport rides, family enduros, poker runs and Gypsy Tours, including those organized by a Service Charter Organization. NOTE: Insurance rates for 2018 not yet available
  • 2018 National Dual Sport and National Adventure Ride Sanction: For national-level dual sport and adventure ride events. Series coordinated by AMA. Applications due in December the year prior to the event. NOTE: Insurance rates for 2018 not yet available
  • 2018 Recreational Featured-Level and National-Level Sanction: For featured-level or national-level recreational riding events such as road rallies, grand tours and more. See the Recreational Riding Rules for details about the additional benefits organizers receive for the event sanctions at these levels. NOTE: Insurance rates for 2018 not yet available

Event Checklists

AMA Recreational Riding Rulebook