Rachel Gutish

Mastering Enduro

Racing the Kenda AMA National Enduro Championship Series is just part of what makes Rachel Gutish who she is. She’s also an honor student at her high school and a pole vaulter on the school’s track team — all accomplishments that require focus and determination. This is something she says she learned from racing motorcycles from an early age.

Rachel’s dad owns the KTM dealership in their hometown of Terre Haute, Ind., and she was 7 years old when he helped her compete in her first race, an AMA District 17 hare scrambles in Casey, Ill.

Rachel has been hooked ever since.

“My dad had always been an enduro guy, so that’s what we did when I was growing up,” says Gutish, who just celebrated her 18th birthday. “I like the single-track trail in the enduro series and the series is a breath of fresh air, compared to other series I’ve ridden, although I’m not so good at pacing myself. But in the long run, I think that will make me a better rider.”

Gutish is in her third year of racing the Kenda AMA National Enduro Championship Series. Her most recent finish was a second behind Mandi Mastin at the Rad Dad Enduro in Westpoint, Tenn.

“I like the Tennessee race because the trails flow really good and it’s a fun place to ride,” Gutish says. “Texas is a cool race too, just because it’s totally different from what I grew up riding, and that’s another part of what I like about the series, riding different types of terrain.”

Along with her racing wins, Gutish is proud of her academic performance.

“I make mostly As in everything, except maybe a B every once in a while in math,” Gutish says. “It’s hard trying to balance everything, but I like the diversity of it all, racing motorcycles and competing in school sports. It keeps me pretty busy, though.”

Gutish also races the GEICO AMA EnduroCross Series, and sometimes she has to miss school, between that and the enduro series.

“My teachers let me do my homework in advance, which helps,” she says.

Sometimes her schedule gets pretty intense. On one weekend, Gutish raced an EnduroCross in Las Vegas on Friday, then she had to be in Louisiana on Sunday for a national enduro, and still made it home to Indiana in time for a track meet on Monday.

“It’s tough sometimes, but I love it all,” says Gutish. “Racing enduros and EnduroCross and competing in track have taught me discipline, for sure.”

Rachel Gutish is an AMA member from Terre Haute, Ind., who was featured in the July 2014 dirt/competition edition of American Motorcyclist.