April is Get Out And Ride Month!

Cruise into Spring 2012 with style during AMA Get Out and Ride! Month. We’ve sweetened the pot this year with more prizes and more information about cool things to do and great places to ride. We’re also launching “Freedom Friday” to spread the word about how we can each do our part to protect our motorcycling freedoms. So dust off and wipe down your riding gear, check over your ride, throw a leg over and tell us where, when and how you’ll be taking to the street or dirt – or both – during AMA Get Out and Ride! Month.

March 31 - April 6: “AMA Get Out and Ride Your Way!”
week taps into the individualism of motorcycling and highlights solo riding on favorite trails and twisties.

April 7 - 13: “AMA Get Out and Ride Together!”
week spotlights the fun of riding with others, including AMA clubs and the online motorcycle community. During the week we're featuring upcoming rallies and smaller local events, from AMA dual-sport and adventure-touring rides to AMA National Conventions and Gypsy Tours.

April 14-20: “AMA Get Out and Ride for a Cause!”
week celebrates the generosity of motorcyclists and showcases events and activities where motorcyclists use their love of riding to help others less fortunate and champion the heritage of motorcycling.

April 21-27: “AMA Get Out and Ride Smart!”
week promotes rider training and awareness skills needed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience on every ride.

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