Adventure Riding

Riding to the Horizon – and Beyond!

Adventure riding is both the oldest and one of the newest forms of motorcycling on the planet.

The world's first motorcyclists were the original adventure riders – exploring, traveling and discovering amazing routes all over the country. Of course, in those days, back roads, two-track trail and neglected byways were the norm, not the exception. And, as roads improved, street motorcyclists diverged from their more rugged roots, leaving the dirt trails to the off-highway specialists.

In recent decades, however, recreational riders have rediscovered the fun and camaraderie found in the back country, and they're not doing it on small-bore trail bikes or enduro race bikes, but aboard full-size, full-powered and fully featured adventure motorcycles.

Typically twins, but available in a range of engine configurations, adventure motorcycles are as comfortable on a four-lane highway as they are cresting a mountain pass on a rarely used forest road. They combine rugged looks, ample suspension and grunty power delivery with wind protection, plush seats and capable luggage.

The best thing about adventure riding is that it is available for anyone with the right motorcycle and a sense of adventure. However, there's always a risk when riding into the unknown, from not knowing the best trails to the dangers of dead ends, faulty maps and unpredictable terrain. This is where organized adventure rides come into play.

AMA National Adventure Riding Series

Geared toward riders of all brands of adventure-touring motorcycles, the AMA Adventure Riding Series includes incredible rides in some of the most scenic areas in the country. The series’ “High Adventure, No Hassles” approach includes plenty of riding on asphalt, gravel and two-track routes mapped by local experts, the camaraderie of like-minded enthusiasts and a full weekend of activities, including camping and bonfires.

For more information or to find an adventure ride near you, see the schedule here.

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Adventure Riding

Riding to the Horizon – and Beyond!

Adventure riding combines long-distance touring with back-country exploration and great times with like-minded friends. In many ways, it's the...

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