Speedway World Cup

The Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme Speedway World Cup has been contested since 1960. Relaunched under a new format in 2001, the event features multiple days of competition by a number of national teams, with four teams qualifying for the finals. The winner of the Speedway World Cup collects the Ove Fundin Trophy, named after the five-time world champion.

The U.S. team will join the competition at Event 1 in Kings Lynn, Great Britain, where they will face off against Team Great Britain and Team Australia. The line-up will be completed by the winning team from the July 5 qualification round in Italy, which includes Italy, Russia, Germany and Slovenia.

FIM Speedway World Cup

Aug. 2: Polski Zwiazek Motorowy. Kazimierzowska 66, 02-518 Warsaw, Poland. office@pzm.pl; www.pzm.pl

Qualifying Rounds

July 5: Qualifying Round. Terenzano, Italy. Info.

July 26: Event 1. Kings Lynn, Great Britain. Info.

July 29: Event 2. Vastervik, Sweden. Info.

July 31: Race Off. Warsaw, Poland. Info.