Road racing attracts wide range of competitors at 2018 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, featuring Royal Enfield

Riders of all skill levels take on 2.4-mile road course at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

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LEXINGTON, Ohio — Kevin McIntosh of Germantown, Wis., was one of dozens of competitors in the road racing events during the weekend at 2018 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, featuring Royal Enfield at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

He has been racing vintage motorcycles for three years and said attending AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days was on his bucket list.

Kevin McIntosh posing with his 1971 Honda CL450 vintage race bike. Photo by Preston Ray

“On a scale of one to 10, this event is an 11,” he said. “It has a little of everything for anyone who is into motorcycles. There are lots of types of racing here.”

A graphic designer and photographer by trade, McIntosh was racing a 1971 Honda CL450 at the event, as well as selling some of his motorcycle photography.

Two other road racers who were having a great time at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days were Jared Trees and his partner, Heather Szymanik, of Marengo, Ohio. It was Szymanik’s first time racing at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, while Trees had raced at the event previously. The couple were racing Yamaha YZF-R3s, and each finished the weekend on the podium.

A true motorsports couple, the two met at a mini moto event in Georgia.

Heather Szymanik (left) and Jared Trees posing with Szymanik's Yamaha YZF-R3. Photo by Preston Ray

“Normally we race mini moto, but we decided to get our road racing bikes out this weekend and give this a shot,” Trees said. “It’s a great event this year. The weather could not be better.”

The couple’s paddock setup stood out, with its pinked-out theme. Even the fuel jug was pink.

“I started out with a couple pink things, and people loved it,” Szymanik said. “It has just grown from there. We usually we have a pink canopy, too.”

CJ LaRoche was enjoying racing his Yamaha YZF-R6 around Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course's 2.4-mile road course. Photo by Jeff Guciardo

The road racing at 2018 AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days was very competitive and attracted some fast riders. C.J. LaRoche of Bellaire, Ohio, has been racing at the event for three years and has been a regular on the MotoAmerica grid in past seasons.

“The competition here is really good,” LaRoche said. “Guys from lots of states are here. It’s not just local guys.”

LaRoche took time during the weekend to pass along his knowledge from racing professionally to some of the amateur competitors he was competing against.

“I had a lot of guys helping me out as I was coming up the ranks,” he said. “It’s cool to be able to try and give back a little bit.

“I think this is my favorite racing weekend of the year,” he continued. “AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days is an awesome event and draws a great crowd. It’s fun to race here because there are so many people here. It’s fun getting to see the old bikes and all the different kinds of racing here. It’s like a big motorcycle party, and it’s a lot of fun.”

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Road Racing Class Standings

WERA/A Superbike Expert

  1. Mark C. Junge
  2. Brian Cavinder
  3. Jeremy Kolewski

A Superbike Novice

  1. Dan Hawkins
  2. Mike McAbier
  3. Charlie Knoll


  1. Eric Trosper/Celia Trosper
  2. Dale Lavender/Muritha Lavender
  3. Doug Donelon/Rob Bove

Heavyweight Twins Superbike Expert

  1. Matt Carr
  2. Brian Healea
  3. Stephen Tsotsoros

Heavyweight Twins Superbike Novice

  1. Edward Savoy
  2. Charlie Knoll
  3. Jon Nicholas

V8 Mediumweight

  1. James Roth
  2. Albert Charles
  3. Eric Pinson

Lightweight Twins Superbike Expert

  1. Brian Mullins
  2. Douglas E. Duane
  3. Jerry Reeves

Lightweight Twins Superbike Novice

  1. Ryan Carson
  2. Matt Spicer
  3. John Ralsten


  1. John Jewett

600/C Superbike Expert

  1. CJ LaRoche
  2. Casey Davis
  3. Matt Evans

600/C Superbike Novice

  1. Robert Noe
  2. Steven Roth
  3. Jason A. Bowman

V7 Mediumweight

  1. Paul Hopkins

Formula 2 Expert

  1. Jerry Reeves
  2. Douglas E. Duane
  3. Harrison Ringel

Formula 2 Novice

  1. Ryan Carson
  2. Matt Spicer
  3. John Evans

V6 Heavyweight

  1. Eric B. Bozell
  2. Joe Mamor
  3. Jeff Crowell

Heavyweight Twins Superstock Expert

  1. Kevin Callaway
  2. Matt Carr
  3. Brian Healea

Heavyweight Twins Superstock Novice

  1. Charlie Knoll
  2. Jon Nicholas

V7 Heavyweight

  1. Eric B. Bozell
  2. Albert Charles
  3. Edward Savoy

Formula 2-Stroke

  1. Mark Morrow
  2. Joseph Rutherford


  1. Harry Vanderlinden
  2. Alexander Cook
  3. Michael Reid

V6 Lightweight

  1. Brian Conrad
  2. Mark Morrow
  3. Joseph Ball

Open/A Superstock Expert

  1. Jeremy Kolewski
  2. John Koflowitch
  3. CJ LaRoche


  1. Stuart J. Carter
  2. Francis Ganance
  3. Eric Lukehart

Formula 500

  1. Scott MacKenzie
  2. Martin Morrison
  3. Charles E. Hawkins


  1. Doc Batsleer


  1. Lane Jacquay
  2. David King
  3. Steve Miller

Formula 3

  1. Jordan Reid
  2. Jared Trees
  3. Heather Szymanik

V8 Heavyweight

  1. Mark C. Junge
  2. James Roth
  3. Albert Charles

Lightweight Twin Superstock Expert

  1. Douglas E. Duane
  2. Harrison Ringel
  3. Jerry Reeves

Lightweight Twins Superstock Novice

  1. Matt Spicer
  2. Hans Boos
  3. Todd Eads

V6 Mediumweight

  1. Paul Hopkins
  2. Jeff Crowell
  3. James H. Berry

600/C Superstock Expert

  1. Ryan Jones
  2. CJ LaRoche
  3. Casey Davis

600/C Superstock Novice

  1. Jason A. Bowman
  2. Robert Noe
  3. Perry Lunsford

250 GP

  1. Francis Ganance
  2. Douglas Donelan
  3. Stewart J. Carter

500 GP

  1. Tod Narduzzi
  2. David King
  3. Eric Lukehart

Class C Hand Shift

  1. Doc Batsleer


  1. Lane Jacquay
  2. Steve Miller
  3. Peter Taefi


  1. Mark Morrow
  2. Martin Morrison
  3. Scott MacKenzie


  1. Mark Morrow
  2. Paul Massingberd
  3. Joseph Rutherford