Becker takes points lead after Round 1 of 2018 AMA Speedway National Championship Series

Series opened at Big Time Speedway/Prairie City OHV Park

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By Karen Gould, special to the AMA

Rancho Cordova, Calif. — Luke Becker emerged as the points leader after Round 1 of the 2018 AMA Speedway National Championship Series on April 28 at Big Time Speedway/Prairie City OHV Park.

Becker finished the event with 19 points, followed by Billy Janniro with 18 and Austin Nobratil with 16.

Luke Becker (No. 22) led Billy Janniro to the checkers in Heat 14. Photo by Karen Gould

The event included twenty heats, two semis and the main event.

Points were close this night, with nine different winners in the heat races.

Becker was warmly welcomed by the fans, having just returned from Europe for a few days to participate in this round of racing.

Janniro took the first heat home, getting the crowd involved immediately with his win. He returned through the evening, winning heats 6 and 18 and semi 2, followed by the main.

Broc Nicol led heats 2, 5 and 15 start to finish, as well. This was Nicol’s first race after healing from his 2017 injuries. He was as smooth and fast as always. Nicol later, who was having no trouble twisting the throttle, won the first semi in front of Becker, earning his spot in the main.

Becker was on fire, with nearly a perfect score throughout the night, including beating Janniro in heat 14.

Bryan Yarrow, Bart Bast, Tommy Hedden and Fast Eddie Castro were among those who qualified to compete in this contest, all familiar names for years in the professional speedway world.

Austin Novatril had an outstanding night, winning three heats and finishing second in his semi. Novitril finished the main in third, behind Janniro and Becker who were first and second respectively all four laps. Nicol was fourth.

Becker will be to maintain his points lead June 23 at Ventura Raceway in the second round of the 2018 AMA Speedway National Championship Series.

Results and Points Standings


  1. Billy Janniro
  2. Luke Becker
  3. Austin Novratil
  4. Broc Nicol


  • Luke Becker, 19
  • Billy Janniro, 18
  • Austin Nobratil, 16
  • Broc Nicol, 15
  • Tyson Burmeister, 10
  • Dillon Rul, 10
  • Russell Green, 8
  • Aaron Fox, 8
  • Jimmy Fishback, 7
  • Jason Ramirez, 6
  • Tommy Hedden, 5
  • Bart Bast, 5
  • Daniel Faria, 4
  • Bryan Yarrow, 3
  • Tim Gomez, 3
  • Eddie Castro, 1