AMA Vintage Grand Champions crowned at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days

Quinn Wentzel, Jim Gawne take Off Road honors

AMA News Author (no byline)

LEXINGTON, Ohio — Two off road riders demonstrated their mastery of three disciplines over the weekend at AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days, featuring Riders of Kawasaki at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course.

Jim Gawne, left, with Quinn Wentzel

Quinn Wentzel, 23, of Canfield, Ohio, is the AMA Off-Road Vintage Grand Champion for the third time in five years.

Jim Gawne, 46, of Oxford, Mich., is the AMA Off-Road Senior Vintage Grand Champion.

Wentzel won the motocross and trails events, taking the top spot in two motocross classes.

"This is a very special win," Wentzel said. "The competition was tough. The motocross was really close. It was a hard fought win and a huge accomplishment."

He also was AMA Off-Road Vintage Grand Champion in 2013 and 2014.

Gawne said he has been competing in trials at Vintage Motorcycle Days for six years. But this is just the second year he has gone for the grand championship.

"It's a rough three days," he said. "The trials is my strength. I compete in trials locally — in Michigan — and nationally."

Gawne said he is drawn to Vintage Motorcycle Days by his love of vintage bikes, the racing and the swap meet.

The AMA Off-Road Vintage Grand Championship and AMA Off-Road Senior Vintage Grand Championship are based on cumulative points from the three vintage off-road events: hare scrambles, trials and motocross.

Moto Armory sponsored the off-road racing portion of the AMA Vintage Grand Championship, which included the motocross, hare scrambles and trials competitions. Moto Armory, a collection of more than 600 vintage motorcycles in East Moline, Ill., was also on location displaying some of the coolest vintage machines from its vault.