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41st Bluenose Referee Report
2011 FIM North America Continental Rally

FIM North America

This year’s Bluenose Rally was designated the 2011 FIM North America Continental Rally. It was organized by the Apple Valley Riders, a Canadian Motorcycle Association affiliate club. It was held at the club’s campground near Kentville in the Annapolis Valley Region of the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada.

This was the 41st Bluenose Rally organized by the host club. Despite being small in numbers, the Apple Valley Riders have established an excellent reputation for hosting well run, enjoyable rallies.

The club’s facilities are near in the hamlet of Bilton in Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, the major agricultural region in the province, renowned for its apples, small wineries and a wide range of farm products. It is about 1-1/4 hours northwest of Halifax, the provincial capital. The first Europeans to settle in the area were the French in the 1600s. The valley is well established with numerous interesting small towns and locations to visit, from pastoral farm markets to cliff side fishing Hamlets on the Bay of Fundy shore. The valley benefits from a more pleasant climate than the rest of Nova Scotia; a range of moderate hills to the north protects it from the harsher Fundy weather.

The Rally base, the club’s campground, is well set up with pleasant camping areas in either the central field or in the surrounding wooded area. One of the two buildings on site contains a kitchen, an indoor dining room, a covered outdoor dining area and washrooms. The other serves for administration and registration.

In addition to camping at the Rally site there were hotels, motels, cottages and B&Bs in the vicinity.

With 200 registered rally participants (fewer than other years), this might be considered a smaller rally. Nevertheless, it seems popular with those who come regularly. Most participants seemed older, mature riders and passengers. Most machines were larger, touring types, some towing trailers, and a few modern three-wheelers. There seemed to be only two or three machines under 750 cc. The largest was a custom V-8 engined three-wheeler.

Evidence of the popularity of the Bluenose was the number rally participants receiving attendance certificates for 10, 20, 30 and 40 years.

Registered riders came from Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario and Alberta and U.S. states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey and Indiana.

Fun runs, short tours, field events, Saturday night dance with live band, Sunday church service, parade, induction of newcomers into Nova Scotia’s Order of Good Cheer (the Order dates from the early 1600s).

Long Distance International - Dave Cwi, Indianapolis, Ind.
Long Distance National - Clive Lahey, Main-a-Dieu, Nova Scotia
Long Distance Two-Up - Joe and Rose Trilone, Hige Bridge, N.J.
Average Mileage - Sandy MacLeod, Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia

The club kitchen’s volunteers provided ample breakfasts and lunches. The food highlight was the Saturday night Hog Roast (four-legged kind not two-wheeled kind). Another food highlight was the Sunday awards brunch in the dining room of Acadia University. Brunch followed a mass ride/parade to the university’s campus in the next town of Wolfville. The location is impressive as the university’s dining room is on the side of a hill, with large windows overlooking the valley and the Bay of Fundy in the distance.

Graham Read - Delegate – FIM/NA
20 July 2011