Hillclimbs are essentially one-person drag races up the face of a challenging hill, with each rider allowed at least two attempts to conquer the hill. The winner is the rider who climbs the hill the quickest or, if no one reaches the top, makes it the farthest.

Some hills are speed hills, where most riders make it to the top and speed determines the winner. Other hills are technical, where few riders reach the summit and the length a rider makes it up the hill determines where he or she places.

The best amateur riders in the country compete every year in the AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship.

AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship

Photo by Zayne Watson.

Every summer, working with a top AMA-chartered promoter, the AMA sanctions the AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship. Here, hundreds of the country's best amateur hillclimbers converge on one of America's most-challenging hills to battle for AMA national championships.

As with most AMA amateur national championships, and in recognition of the range of participants in amateur competition, the event includes multiple classes to provide ample opportunity for amateur racers to compete. Both age-, displacement- and bike-configuration classes are featured.

Grassroots Racing

In addition to the AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship, the AMA sanctions numerous local hillclimb events all over the country. Riders meet up to battle for bragging rights, trophies and pro-am purses.

Hillclimb Rules

AMA-sanctioned events run according to the rules developed and written by AMA Congress, the rules-making body of the AMA composed of AMA organizers.

The AMA Amateur Competition Rulebook is for the exclusive use of AMA-chartered clubs and promoters running AMA-sanctioned events.

The rulebook applies to all AMA-sanctioned competition. Supplemental regulations are additions to the rulebook based on the needs of a specific series. All supplemental regulations are approved by the AMA.

Hillclimb rules are included in the AMA Amateur Competition Rulebook.

AMA Amateur Competition Rulebook

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AMA Hillclimb Grand Championship

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