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Getting Started In Racing  

No. 1!So, you want to be a motorcycle racer? You've come to the right place.

AMA-sanctioned motorcycle racing is the most exciting, accessible and affordable motorsport in the world. Every weekend at AMA Racing events across America, thousands of racers of all ages and skill levels, ranging from beginners to experts, face off in a number of disciplines on both modern and non-current, or vintage, motorcycles.

Getting started is quick and easy. Assuming you have the right bike (and a way to get to the track), you're almost there.

  • First, join the AMA. Participants in AMA-sanctioned competition events must join up. Not only does the AMA provide consistent rules and guidelines that make racing fairer and safer, the AMA Government Relations Department fights for motorcyclists rights on the national level and helps organize and support local battles. There is strength in numbers, and we need everybody to be on board.
  • Second, download a copy of the AMA Racing Amateur Rulebook. In the rulebook, you'll learn which nationally recognized classes you're eligible to enter and find out how to make your bike legal for competition. Although the vast majority of riders compete in the official AMA classes, AMA-chartered organizers also can advertise and run special classes that have local appeal. Contact the promoters for information about these classes.
  • Third, download and print in color the Adult Release Form or Minor Release form and submit it to the AMA.
  • Fourth, find an event. Look up a race near you by searching our online database of AMA-sanctioned racing events. You also can find national events (most of which include novice classes) on our AMA National Championship page.

Motorcycle racing has always been a family sport, and it attracts competitors of all ages. In addition to the fun, kids can learn a lot from getting involved in active competition. Check out this article for more tips on getting your kid started right. Getting serious? Then maybe it's time to think about sponsorship and getting exposure in local media outlets, such as your hometown newspaper.

For a closer look at the types of motorcycle racing sanctioned by the AMA, check out the list below:

Racing types

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  • Motocross

  • Enduro

  • Dirt Track

  • Hare Scrambles

  • Roadracing

  • Hillclimb

  • Ice Racing

  • Trials

  • Hare & Hound

  • Arenacross

  • Supermoto

  • Endurocross

  • Drag Racing

  • Land Speed Racing

  • Speedway

Vintage Competition

Vintage MotocrossIn addition to modern classes, vintage racing is a popular (and growing) segment of motorcycle competition. Vintage racing is all about bringing back the past. Racers compete on dated machinery, ranging from bikes nearly a century old to machines that went on the market just prior to the modern era. Vintage racing is most popular in motocross, hare scrambles, trials, roadracing and dirt track. The country's top vintage meet, which includes competition in all these disciplines, is the AMA Racing Vintage Grand Championships held every summer as part of AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days.