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Airgroup Radiant Racing NEPG race reports

July 31, 2014

The following is an industry press release...

2014  Nick Fahringer Race Report

Series: Kenda AMA National Enduro Series Presented by Moose Racing
Event/Loc/Date: Rattlesnake/ Cross Fork, PA / 2-27-2014
Bike: 2014 Husqvarna TE 300
Outcome: 10th  

Before the Race:  I headed to the Pennsylvania hills about a week early to ride with Andrew Delong in the rocky terrain. After a short stay at his house we went to the family cabin near the race for riding. That afternoon I crashed hard, impacting a tree so hard with my upper leg that my lower leg moved against the knee joint, partially tearing my MCL. A trip to an orthopedic doctor confirmed the damage but MRI ruled out anything more serious.

Race:  Leading the championship points with this and 3 races left, I decided to ride cautiously for points on the day and to not go backwards with the damaged knee so I may race the remaining rounds strong. In the opening grass track section I was very awkward in left hand turns. My riding was limited without being able to steer with my legs well but once the racing took to the woods I found a safe rhythm where I could make decent time, minimizing risking further injury to my knee. I had a fairly clean ride, had some fun, and pulled off a 10th place without taking any chances. I am grateful my TE 300 is set up so well, it is forgiving and easy to ride in gnarly terrain.

After Race Thoughts: Not a result we would normally be happy with, I am pleased to have safely finished the race and claim enough points to hold down second in the standings. I will be back to fight for the championship in Colorado in 2 weeks.

2014  Ryder Lafferty  Race Report

Series: NEPG National Enduro Series
Event/Loc/Date: Rattlesnake National Enduro; Crossfork , PA; 7/27/14
Bike: Husqvarna 250 TE
Outcome: 8th overall, 8th in pro

Before the Race: I was very excited about the race in Pennsylvania. I had my bike ready to go and ready to race in the rocks with my competitors  

Race: I started the race slow with a couple crashes in the first section but I still rode well. The second section I had a lot of fun and rode well inside the top ten. The Third section I put on my new Kenda equilibrium tire that made me go to the next level and put me inside the top 5 in the section. Section 4 had a lot of tight trail with some rocks. I was 6th fastest in that section. The 5th section I felt awesome and was making up lots of time on my competition. I was up to 6th overall for the day. Then in section 6 I gave it my best to make my way through the rocky 10 mile section. It was very tough but I pushed through it. 

After Race Thoughts: I was upset with my result in the last section that pushed me back two spots but it shows that I am progressing with getting in the top 5 in two sections. I`m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and do my best at the next race in Colorado  

Airgroup Radiant Racing Video (Rd. 7 Cross, PA)-

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