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AMA Member Tested: Motorcycle Stirrups

July 01, 2014

Stirrups For Motorcycles

MSRP: $200

By Rich Haggan

Motorcycle Stirrups are what you think they are—stirrups for motorcycles. Used in place of highway pegs, they are intended to ease leg strain on long rides.

When the stirrups arrived, I was surprised at the lack of mounting instructions or even a link to the company’s online instructional videos. The only info in the box was a business-sized card with graphic depicting the correct and incorrect way to use them. They are a simple product and bolt in place of standard highway pegs, but providing more detailed instructions would be nice.

The stirrups do require pivoting mounts (cheap, clamp-only mounts are not going to work). These can be purchased at any retailer that sells parts for cruiser-type motorcycles. I already had highway pegs installed so this was a non-issue for me.

Consider using non-permanent thread-locking fluid (such as “blue” Loctite). Not only did the mounting bolts loosen, the screws holding on the upper leather covers came out somewhere on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. (The manufacturer’s installation video didn’t suggest using any thread-locking products).

Luckily, I had a long ride planned—a trip to Austin, Texas, to watch the MotoGP races at the Circuit of the Americas—to test the stirrups.

They are comfortable and provide a very relaxing leg position when compared to foot pegs. If you have an abundance of inseam like I do, be careful on how low you mount them. I rode a fan lap at COTA, and turn one now has a little piece of the left stirrup embedded in it for posterity. I tweaked the adjustment a little and actually found them even more relaxed.

While the stirrups aren’t my personal style, and installation support is lacking, they are an American-made product that delivers what it promises: increased on-highway comfort. If they appeal to you, and you enjoy time on the open road, they are worth a look.

Rich Haggan is an independent AMA Member Tester.

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