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AMA Member Tested: BILT Trinity Boots, Sedici Gloves

July 01, 2014

Staying Dry

MSRP: Boots: $139.99; gloves: $59.99

By Danielle Jennings

Living in Tucson, Ariz., where spring temperatures hover around 95 degrees, the BILT Trinity boots for women hold their own. They are all leather and waterproof—really waterproof. After riding through what I can best describe as a monsoon, my feet were still perfectly dry.

Regarding styling, the boots look good with jeans. Gear change patches on the top of the boots prevent scuffs from upshifting, which keeps the boots looking new.

Although it did take me about a week to adjust to a thicker boot, after a week of riding, the boots broke in and were comfortable, flexible and supportive enough to wear to work or at an all-day event. They are very well made and come with a 5-year guarantee.

The boots offered good protection. Although their all-leather construction will allow your feet to get a bit hot, this is no worse than a typical leather boot.

I also tested the Sedici Massimo Gloves. These gloves were excellent for morning rides when the average temperature was between 45 and 55 degrees. They provided great wind and cold protection, while allowing for an easy grip on the handlebars.

A gauntlet liner can be pulled out to cover the sleeve of a jacket or shirt, or tucked back into the wrist of the glove. This is another versatile feature of the glove and extends its comfortable use range.

While these gloves worked very well during cooler temperatures, they were not ideal later in the day when temperatures hovered in the mid-90s. The same lack of ventilation that keeps your hands warm in the mornings and dry in the wet will allow them to sweat in the afternoons. These are a great cooler or wet weather glove, but I don’t recommend them as your only pair for summer riding.

Danielle Jennings is an independent AMA Member Tester.

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