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Federal government shutdown looms over hare and hound finale

October 09, 2013

The following just came in from the Dave Moen of the 100's MC, which is promoting the final round of the AMA Hare & Hound National Championship Series. The note regards the impact of the federal government shutdown on the race, currently scheduled for this weekend, Oct. 12-13.

I received a call from the [Bureau of Land Management] today, and I was formally advised that as long as the federal government shutdown persists, there cannot be a race this weekend.

I was also advised that the BLM is fully committed to our race if they are sent back to work. I verified that if the BLM is back to work on Friday, the BLM will put the manpower together to allow us to race.

The 100’s are doing our best to give the race every chance of being held. At the same time, we realize there are people traveling up to 18 hours to make it out if there is a race, and they need to know if it is going to be held.

With the BLM’s commitment to allow us to race so quickly after a potential end of the shutdown, we have decided to extend the deadline of when we will officially cancel the race to Friday at noon.

If there is no official end to the federal government shutdown by Friday at 12 p.m., both the youth national and the national hare and hound will be officially cancelled.

Keep up to date by viewing the District 37 message board, 100’s MC and the National Hare & Hound facebook pages.

Thank you,
Darren Moen
100’s MC

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