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Ask the MSF: Next Level Of Protection

September 13, 2013

Q: I have a good jacket with CE armor, an approved helmet, quality gloves, riding pants with CE armor and good riding boots. What’s the “next level” of protection that I should look into getting?

A: What can a rider that’s already so nicely outfitted get to improve safety? An armored vest that helps protect against chest and spine damage would complement your jacket. Climate-specific items like a rain suit and waterproof gloves would also be a good addition. Custom-molded earplugs or a high-visibility vest make a nice stocking stuffer, as would a gift certificate to a course for experienced riders, like the MSF’s Advanced RiderCourse or Street RiderCourse, so you can keep your riding skills as sharp as possible.

How about a few books on motorcycling technique to read by the fireplace on those cold nights? And have you thought of spreading the holiday cheer and asking for a gift for your bike—perhaps a new set of tires to improve your trusty steed’s grip of the road? 

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation ( is internationally recognized for its comprehensive, research-based rider education and training programs. It offers a wide range of programs, from hands-on training to online opportunities. The group's Basic eCourse ( is an interactive computer-based program that provides riders of all knowledge and skill levels with the basics of motorcyclist safety, while recognizing the best first ride is in the hands-on MSF Basic RiderCourse.

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