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Fly Rumble Gloves

April 01, 2013

Comfortable Gloves To Keep You Warm

MSRP: $39.95

By Ted Pasche

Fly’s Rumble Gloves are a solid choice if you’re looking for quality hand protection.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the leather on these gloves is some of the softest and most supple you will ever find. They conform to your hands with no break-in period required. A padded palm helps to quell any vibrations in the handlebars, and switches on the motorcycle are easy to use.

The gloves are durable. All stitching is professional with no loose ends. The hook-and-loop used on the wrists is substantial and most likely would keep the gloves on your hand if you went down. 

The Rumble Gloves have a sewn-in liner, making this a mid-weight winter or cool-weather glove. I tested this glove behind a windshield with temps in the lower 50s to upper 40s at speeds up to 65 mph, and my hands stayed warm.

One caveat for cool weather is this model doesn’t have a gauntlet to block wind from going up the sleeves of a jacket.

As far as size goes, the gloves were a bit snug—perhaps due to the lining. Try them on first or if your current size is already a tight fit, consider going up a size. The only other nitpick is the soft leather has a drawback in that surface scuffs do stand out.

All in all, these are quality gloves at a great price.

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