February 5th, 2014 —
The AMA Office will be closed today due to inclement weather and treacherous road conditions in Central Ohio.
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Earth Day a celebration of motorcyclists' values

April 22, 2014

Conservation. Efficiency. Stewardship.

As Earth Day is celebrated worldwide today, the American Motorcyclist Association is highlighting three core values that its membership shares in protecting the environment and ensuring future riding opportunities for our children and grandchildren.

"Motorcyclists are proud of their contributions to the health of the planet, whether through physical labor in maintaining trails or planting trees or simply commuting to work and leaving the gas-guzzler at home," said Rob Dingman, AMA president and CEO.


The AMA supports responsible recreational access to public lands for use by off-highway vehicles, with the emphasis on "responsible."

Motorcyclists and all-terrain-vehicle riders join other users of public lands in maintaining trails, picking up litter and encouraging sustainable land use practices.

Clubs and individual riders team up with state and federal officials and professional land managers to plan off-highway access that remains in harmony with other uses while preserving important natural and cultural resources.

On April 15, the AMA renewed a five-year agreement with the Wayne National Forest.

"Really the message is to act responsibly, to ride safe and ride responsibly with respect for the environment. Stay on the trail," Dingman said.


Many motorcycles return 50 miles per gallon or more in fuel economy, while reducing highway congestion and alleviating parking problems. Motor scooters can achieve more than twice that mileage.

The manufacture of motorcycles and scooters consumes far less metal and plastic than automobile production.

And the lighter weight of the motorcycles helps extend the life of the nation's streets and highways.


When motorcyclists head out for a ride, their choice of two- and three-wheeled transportation proves they are good stewards of our planet.

"When you look at the big picture, it's clear that motorcycling contributes to the social good," Dingman said. "Motorcycle use improves the health of the planet by improving fuel economy, reducing pollution and congestion, and providing a fun outdoor activity for tens of thousands of people every day."

Those interested in coming along for the ride are encouraged to visit AmericanMotorcyclist.com > Riding > Getting Started for more information about the benefits of motorcycling.

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