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AMA Member Tested: Motion Pro Revolver Throttle Kit

March 01, 2014

Performance Tuning Riders Of All Levels Can Appreciate

MSRP: $154.99

By Dean McNicol

For decades, dirtbikes have come with different-rate throttles for different applications. Trail bikes would come with a longer-pull “enduro” throttle and motocross bikes would come quick-opening throttles, some going from closed to wide open in just a quarter turn.

The rate of opening is determined by the size of the cam wheel, or the round, flat disk on the inner end of the throttle tube. The idea behind the Motion Pro Revolver throttle kit is straightforward: Perhaps the factory-installed cam doesn’t provide the best opening rate for you. The system allows riders to swap in smaller cams for slower throttle openings or larger cams for faster throttle openings.

When I received the Motion Pro Revolver throttle kit, I was a little concerned about installing it on my 2013 KTM 450XCF. My previous experience has been with carburetors, and I was still learning about the KTM’s fuel injection.

Simply put, my worries were unfounded. The installation was simple. I only had to remove the seat, radiator shrouds and tank, and that gave me complete access to route the cables to the fuel injection throttle body. In about 45 minutes I had the throttle kit installed and the bike running.

Fine-tuning the cable tension is easy since the cables come with in-line adjusters, which is a great improvement over the stock cables. As the cables stretch over time, it will be nice to have that adjustability. And they look good too!

I started with the smallest diameter cam wheel, as it was closest to stock. I couldn’t detect a change in the throttle opening rate with this cam, as expected, but the overall feel of the throttle itself was more solid than the stock unit.

When I installed the largest cam, however, there was a big difference.

My previous bike was a 2009 YZ 450F, which had fairly aggressive power delivery. The stock XCF lacks a little power down low, so I was hoping the faster-opening cam would help with that. It did. Power came on much quicker, making the bike feel snappier. However, I did have to be much gentler with my throttle hand. It didn’t take much twisting to make things happen!

The kit comes with two additional cam wheels that fall in between the largest and smallest, giving you the ability to tune your bike according to your riding style or track conditions. Changing out the cams takes just a few minutes and all you need is an Allen wrench.

It’s also worth mentioning the grips that come with the kit. My hands blister easily. I typically run Renthal’s medium compound grips, which work well, but with this installation, I decided to run what came with the Revolver. Even a full day of riding didn’t result in one blister. 

I recommend this kit. Not only does it offer performance tuning that riders of all levels can appreciate, but it’s well-built, easy to install and adjust and comes with some really sweet grips as a bonus.

Dean McNicol is an independent AMA Member Tester.

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