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AMA Member Tested: Risk Racing’s Mud Grips

January 01, 2014

Traction-Friendly Surface Regardless Of Conditions

MSRP: $9.95

Jason FrankSimple, bulletproof products that work tend to leave their mark, and here’s one that checks all three of those boxes: Risk Racing’s Mud Grips.

The Mud Grip is a foam grip cover that slides over any grip. It provides a traction-friendly surface regardless of conditions. Mud, water, snow—whatever—you’ll be able to hold onto your bars. The concept is sound and the execution is next to flawless.

Although the foam does add a significant amount of visual bulk to the size of the grip, the Mud Grip collapses under use and you barely notice any change in grip diameter.

If you have ever found yourself slipping off the grips in a mud race, or flexing up a nice case of arm pump as you struggle to hold on, you need to consider these grips. Riding in rain and mud, you’ll notice little loss in traction, while the foam even offers a level of comfort. 

Installation is a breeze. The Mud Grip simply slips over your regular grips. You then just go ride.

As for durability, they hold up well during normal use and clean up nicely. Although a crash could certainly tear through the material, these grips are inexpensive. Assuming you’re not lining up with a bald rear tire, at just $9.95, Risk Racing’s Mud Grips are the single best bang-for-your-buck mod that you can make to your bike for a mud race.

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