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AMA Member Tested: Slick Products Bike Cleaner

August 01, 2013

Safe And Effective Cleaners

MSRP: $89.99

Amy NystramSlick Products is a lineup of four cleaning products developed in the United States that, according to the company’s website, are designed for “providing safe and effective cleaners” for all your toys—with or without water.

We had the opportunity to find out, testing the company’s Wash Cleaning Solution, Suds Wash and Wax, Cleaner Degreaser and High Gloss Pro Shine products in a few different applications. Here’s how it worked out.

After his final hare scrambles race last October, Andrew, my stepson, didn’t have a chance to clean his bike. He used the one nice day we had in mid-March to test the Wash Cleaning Solution on some seriously caked-on mud.

According to Andrew, he sprayed on the solution then washed it off without scrubbing. All the dirt came off, but the mud left stains. He reapplied the solution, scrubbed a little and rinsed—no stains.

Andrew did not use Cleaner Degreaser Formula because he runs his chain dry and has no oil leaks. The bike looked great, so he didn’t use the High Gloss Pro Shine, a polish and protectant.

By early April, the temps rose to a sultry mid-40 degrees, so I took that three-hour opportunity to clean the street bike. The dirt, caked-on dead bugs, grime and chain-flung grease were from last June. (I had an exceptionally busy late summer and fall.)

For the most part, the bugs and grime wiped right off after applying Suds Wash and Wax, and waiting about two minutes, demonstrating the waterless cleaning capabilities of the product. A rinse, wipe and the bike looked new. Spraying with Shine (though it seemed unnecessary) appeared to seal up the little scratches and created a gelcoat sparkle.

At the same time my husband, Ken, tested the degreaser. The degreaser didn’t remove any of the grease that was baked onto the muffler. To get rid of the grease on the swing arm and rear rim, Ken had to reapply the cleaner several times and vigorously agitate. He thought a stiffer brush would help. Other grease, however, just wiped off.  

Here’s a summary of each product’s performance:

  • Slick products are easy to use and leave the equipment virtually new in most cases. Suds Wash and Wax and Wash Cleaning Solution easily take off dirt, grime, dust, dried-on old mud, salt, smudges and gook of all sorts. 
  • Suds Wash and Wax has high quality carnauba wax that leaves the toys gleaming so brilliantly that the product Shine seems unnecessary. Applied to windshields the rain rolls right off. 
  • Cleaner Degreaser is an excellent non-petroleum-based product. For some jobs extra exertion is required, but it still does a better job than anything else we’ve tried in that category. 
  • Shine High Gloss Pro Shine takes the clean to different level and makes surfaces appear to be clear-coated. (Just don’t get it on anything you don’t want slippery.)

There are a few complaints, although each is ancillary to the core functions of the products. The names of the individual cleaners are confusing and not very descriptive; I had to repeatedly read the entire bottle to ensure I was using the right product. Second, Slick should provide a variety of different sized brushes and microfiber towels online. Third, Slick may want to emphasize not letting the product dry before wiping it down. Doing so essentially defeats the waterless option. Fourth, the Ultimate Cleaning Kit, which contains all four Slick Cleaning products and all of the accessories should contain two spray applicators—one for each washing product.

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