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Fly Motocross Gear

June 01, 2013

Protect Yourself And Look Good Doing It

Anthony Brettell: I am testing a full set of kids’ motocross gear from Fly Racing. I have the Maverik MX Vapor boots, the Kenetic Dash jersey and pants, Kenetic gloves and Kenetic helmet. I’ve been able to wear the gear for several practices and races, and it has performed great.

The boots have three buckles that are easy to adjust and fasten. The boots have a nice rubber sole with steel across the front to protect your toes. The rubber soles were nice and grippy. I have not had any problems with my feet slipping off the pegs wearing these boots.

Comfort-and-style wise, the boots are top notch. They feel really nice on my feet. I really like the look of the black and white design.

I found the Kenetic pants to run a bit large, but that’s a good thing. There’s plenty of room for knee braces. They have nice big hip pads and extra padding in the knees to protect the joint. Even with the roominess, the pants tuck nicely into your boots. They got the size just right.

The waist has rubber lining inside to help keep the jersey tucked in. You also don’t have to worry about these pants falling down! They are secured with a zipper, Velcro and a buckle.

The pants also have leather on the inside of the knee to help you squeeze the bike and keep good seat position. Even after several washings, these pants look like new.

The jersey is really sharp. It has a cool-looking collar with a rubber Fly logo at the bottom. There is mesh under the arms and down the sides to keep you cool on those hot summer days. The cool Fly logo is also on the sleeve, helping set this shirt apart.

My gloves also have the Fly logo on the back of the hand. The palm has great padding to keep down on the calluses with rubber on the fingertips for great grip on the clutch and brake. The gloves fit and feel great.

I only have more good stuff to say about the helmet. The padding is thick and soft. It has stayed snug on my head even after several rides. The visor is adjustable. There’s plenty of room for my GoPro helmet cam, and I think the graphics are awesome! I have already landed on my helmet in a crash and the graphics held up well but, most importantly, the helmet did its job and protected my head.

The Fly gear is comfortable, and it should easily last a full season of motocross racing and look good doing it.

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