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Pro Circuit Exhaust/Cobra CX 65

October 01, 2012

Go Faster With The Pro Circuit Pipe

Miles HigginsThe Pro Circuit pipe on my Cobra CX 65 helps the bike rev out really well. It feels good when you change gears and is very fast. The bike comes out of the corners much better now and almost feels as fast as my Suzuki RM 85. The Pro Circuit pipe gives me more speed, and it makes the bike easier to jump. 

The bike revs longer, too, and the power doesn’t go flat on top at all.

The bike is much faster in Arenacross. It just seems like the bike gets going faster and you don’t wait at all when you hit the throttle. I can use the clutch a little bit more by carrying a higher gear in corners and fanning it quickly with some throttle on. It rides more like my 85 now.

The pipe is good-looking. I think that you can really notice how it stands out at the track. Some kids get worried when they see the new Cobra, because now everyone knows they are fast. They don’t make enough Cobra 65s. Some of the dads are mad that they couldn’t get one when they wanted one. They’ll be really mad when their kid gets beaten now that the bike is so fast, especially with this Pro Circuit pipe!

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