AMA Life Member Plus

AMA Life Member Plus Program

As the lifeblood of the American Motorcyclist Association, AMA Life Members continue to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated government relations staff defending their motorcycling lifestyle. As members of the world's largest motorcyclists' rights organization, AMA Life Members also receive discounts on products and services from AMA partners, can participate in AMA-sanctioned competition and recreational events, and have access to the Members Area of -- including the full digital edition of American Motorcyclist magazine.

All AMA Life Members receive the above benefits, but now with the AMA Life Member Plus program, we're giving these valued members the option to add two additional premier benefits for just $29 a year: AMA Roadside Assistance and a subscription to a hard-copy of American Motorcyclist magazine. This value is available nowhere else and represents a substantial savings. In addition, AMA Life Member Plus participants can ride easy knowing they continue to financially support the organization that has been fighting for motorcyclists' rights since 1924.

The cost to sign up for the AMA Life Member Plus program is $29 per year, and it's available exclusively to existing AMA Life Members.

The AMA Life Member Plus program includes:

  • Free AMA Roadside Assistance that covers all of your motorcycles, cars, trucks, rv’s and family members.
  • 12 issues of American Motorcyclist magazine
  • AMA Life Member Plus Membership Card
  • AMA Life Member Plus Pin And Decal
  • All the benefits of AMA Membership, including money-saving discounts and a voice protecting motorcyclist rights at the federal, state and local levels

There's no obligation to join the AMA Life Member Plus program, and AMA Life Members can still subscribe to the print edition of American Motorcyclist magazine for just $10 a year. (However, this does not include AMA Roadside Assistance or the AMA Life Member Plus Membership card, pin and decal.)

To enroll in the AMA Life Member Plus program, please call Member Services at (800) AMA-JOIN, and thanks for your support!

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Please call AMA Member Services at (800) AMA-JOIN

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American Motorcyclist Magazine

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Roadside Assistance

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