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Editorial Calendar

All issues of American Motorcyclist magazine include the latest news about threats to motorcycling rights, the official AMA-sanctioned events calendar, AMA Member Tested evaluations of the latest products, AMA member touring stories and guest columns, motorcycling safety tips, and more.

In addition, each month American Motorcyclist is available in two variations. Although both versions of the magazine contain the same Rights news, events calendar and feature coverage, approximately 20-24 pages are customized to highlight mostly either dirt- or street-related content.

Note: The below topics are planned but remain subject to change.


Dirt Version

Street Version

Online Bonus

(Reservations close: Oct. 30)
Motorcyclist of the Year
Includes: ATVA News Online
Dirt Version:
• AMA Supercross preview
• What is AMA Speedway?
Street Version:
• Maintaining your tires
• Understanding E15 fuel
Online Bonus Content:
• 2013 AMA Champion profiles
(Reservations close: Nov. 27)
Olympic hopefuls who ride motorcycles
Dirt Version:
• What is AMA Ice Racing?
• Getting started safely
Street Version:
• Touring South America
• Updating the sound issue
Online Bonus Content:
• AMA Safety Center
(Reservations close: Jan. 1)
Spreading the love: Teaching kids to ride motorcycles
Includes: ATVA News Online
Dirt Version:
• What is AMA Trials?
• Battlefront: Access to public lands
Street Version:
• Preparing for long days in the saddle
• Motorcycle insurance 101
Online Bonus Content:
• Getting Started in Motorcycling
(Reservations close: Jan. 29)
AMA Go Ride Month! We preview the year’s hottest road and off-road recreational rides and rallies
Dirt Version:
• What is AMA Hare Scrambles?
• The positive economic impact of OHVs
Street Version:
• Raingear technology
• Back roads touring
Online Bonus Content:
• Working on Your Bike
(Reservations close: Feb. 26)
Motorcycle safety training
Includes: ATVA News Online
Dirt Version:
• What is AMA Dirt Track?
• Gearing up your off-road bike
Street Version:
• Is a track day right for you?
• Health insurance discrimination
Online Bonus Content:
• AMA Business Member directory
(Reservations close: April 2)
Vintage motorcycles and the art of design
Dirt Version:
• What is AMA Enduro?
• Trail ambassador programs
Street Version:
• Hauling stuff on your bike
• Summer riding fun
Online Bonus Content:
• AMA Vintage racing, riding and bike shows
(Reservations close: April 30)
Protecting our access
Includes: ATVA News Online
Dirt Version:
• What is AMA Motocross?
• Cross-training tips
Street Version:
• Train for adventure
• The future of motorcycling
Online Bonus Content:
• Tour like a pro with these tips and resources
(Reservations close: May 28)
AMA member tours, rides and races for the best summer yet
Dirt Version:
• America’s Best Trails
• What is AMA Hillclimb?
Street Version:
• America’s Best Roads
• Mandatory safety training
Online Bonus Content:
• My Favorite Ride: AMA members profile their favorite routes
(Reservations close: July 2)
Vote Like a Motorcyclist
Includes: ATVA News Online
Dirt Version:
• Competing on the track
• Amateur racing update
Street Version:
• Get the most out of your suspension
• The freedom of two wheels
Online Bonus Content:
• My Favorite Ride: AMA members profile their favorite trails
(Reservations close: July 30)
AMA Motorcycle Hall of Fame Class of 2014
Dirt Version:
• What is AMA Land-Speed Racing?
• Competing on the edge
Street Version:
• Options in aftermarket windshields
• E15: Where do we stand now?
Online Bonus Content:
• Training overview: Getting faster—and safer
(Reservations close: Sept. 3)
Volunteering for excellence
Includes: ATVA News
Dirt Version:
• Top gear for trail riders
• International competition
Street Version:
• Living with an electric motorcycle
• Top 10 issues facing motorcyclists today
Online Bonus Content:
• Get involved and make a difference for motorcycling
(Reservations close: Oct. 1)
Riding for a cause
Dirt Version:
• Off-road riders’ gift guide
• What is AMA Hare and Hound?
Street Version:
• Street bike riders’ gift guide
• Year in review
Online Bonus Content:
• Expanded gift guide for dirt and street riders