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Who We Are

Association. It’s chock full of information about the exciting world of recreational all-terrain vehicle riding: sharing information about great places to ride, what riders do to make their machines more useful and fun, what clubs do to organize family-friendly events, and what some of the most influential people in the ATV world do to create trails, organize events and help protect riders’ right to ride.

Since early 2012, ATVA News has been bound into the pages of American Motorcyclist. Every 2 months, a special press run of roughly 5,000 issues of American Motorcyclist will have ATVA News bound in, and will be delivered to members of the ATVA. In addition, ATVA members will receive American Motorcyclist on a monthly basis, offering bonus circulation to American Motorcyclist.


ATVA News readers range from recreational utility riders to ATV Racers that participate in organized racing events throughout the country. One thing they have in common is that they are some of the most dedicated ATV riders in the world and spend thousands of dollars enjoying their sport. They are serious about their sport and about protecting their right to ride.

  • 93% Participate in Organized ATVA Competition Events
  • 68% Cite the #1 Reason for joining the ATVA is to race
  • ATVA Members Race in a variety of disciplines: 
    • 71% Hare Scrambles
    • 60% MX
    • 22% TT/Flat Track
    • 6% Hillclimb
    • 65% Ride on Private Land, 35% ride on Public Land
  • ATVA Members have been riding an average of over 9 years
  • Our Members own an average of 3.3 ATVs each
  • We deliver a diverse age group:
    • 15 and Under: 16%
    • 16-25: 35%
    • 26-35: 24%
    • 26-45: 15%
    • 46-55: 7%
    • 94% Male, 6% Female