Kawasaki announces 2020 KX and KLX motorcycle models

The following is an industry press release ...

The KX250 is instilled with a high level of technology and KX DNA that makes it the bike that builds champions.

Its power, handling and adjustability personalize the feel and provide high confidence for motocross and off-road riding, both at the amateur and professional level. The most powerful KX250 engine to date comes by the way of a revised bore and stroke, valve train designed by Kawasaki’s World Superbike engineers and bridged-box piston that is inspired by Kawasaki’s factory racing efforts.

Complementing the increased power is an updated slim aluminum perimeter frame with new lower front engine mounts and a new 48 mm KYB coil-spring front fork and rear shock unit that allow for precise tuning.

In addition, the following off-road motorcycles are returning for 2020:

  • KX Model Range
    • KX450
    • KX100
    • KX85
    • KX65
  • KLX Model Range (Dual-Purpose)
    • KLX250
    • KLX250 Camo
  • KLX Model Range (Off-Road)
    • KLX140
    • KLX140L
    • KLX140G
    • KLX110
    • KLX110L