Disciplinary Measures

As in any organization, on occasion the need for disciplinary action occurs. A probationary system has been set up to minimize having the reputation of AMA-chartered organizations damaged.

The AMA, clubs, promoters and members have put a great deal of effort into earning a reputation of honor and respect throughout the world. Actions by the whole organization or individual members that reflect negatively on motorcycling can affect the AMA. Such activities can become the basis for a review of a charter and possible charter revocation.

Also, infringements of charter requirements can also become the basis for probation or revocation.

Review of a charter may be undertaken if complaints are received by the AMA headquarters. On receiving such complaints, the organization may be placed on temporary probation pending review. In serious cases, a staff member can place an organization on probation or revoke a charter and/or send a report to the AMA Board of Directors, which may decide on extended probation or immediate revocation of a charter. The Directors may establish any terms of probation they consider appropriate.

The following guidelines will be followed when review, probation, suspension or reinstatement of an AMA-chartered organization is considered:

  • The AMA may place an organization on temporary probation during a staff investigation. Temporary probation continues for at least three months, but not longer than a year without a recommendation to the AMA Board of Directors.
  • On completion of its investigation, the AMA may reinstate an organization, or deliver to the Directors a recommendation for extended probation or revocation of a charter.
  • If a case is considered by the AMA Directors, the organization will be notified and will be able to appear before the Board.
  • The Directors may reinstate the organization, place it on probation for up to three years, or revoke its charter permanently.

Failure to turn in post-event paperwork can also result in an organization being placed on probation.