Partnering For Success

Your Guide to Creating a Successful AMA Motorcycle Club

Since 1924, the American Motorcyclist Association logo has symbolized organized motorcycling activity throughout the United States. The AMA has relied on partner organizations to help advance the Association’s mission to promote the motorcycle lifestyle and protect the future of motorcycling.

For years, motorcyclists were stereotyped as “outlaws.” But as times change and the wheels of progress keep turning, motorcycling has grown, not only as a form of recreation and competition but as an economical, legitimate form of transportation.

A well-organized motorcycle organization presents a favorable image to motorcyclists and non-motorcyclists alike, and it assists in promoting and protecting the rights of riders. As a motorcycle organization, you have the ability to become a tool that keeps the wheels of positive progress turning in your community.

Motorcyclists represent many different lifestyles, and while it is unfair to judge people by how they appear, many do. So the responsible motorcycle organization must place the utmost importance on a code of ethics and a functional constitution. Adhering to these principles, and being involved in your community, are the best ways to allow the public to see you as you really are.

The outlaw image was the product of only a few. Now it’s up to the majority of us to change that image and secure our place in the community.