Why Insurance Through the AMA’s Recognized Providers is Different

In today’s world, it’s easy to shop around and compare prices. That goes for anything – motorcycles, cable providers, cars – and we know you want the best price when it comes to insuring your AMA event. That’s why we partner with our agent Jones-Birdsong and companies like K&K Insurance Group and Naughton Insurance Inc. to secure insurance that covers all of us.

The AMA does not make a cent off of the insurance. We simply offer the service as a benefit to chartered clubs and promoters. Our insurance agent then works with the approved insurance providers to ensure that clubs and promoters are covered and are getting the best rates. Being a large organization allows us to secure better rates for you. We want us all to be protected and to continue to enjoy this sport we love.

We often hear from AMA organizers that they got a quote from X or Y, and it’s much cheaper than the insurance available through K&K or Naughton. While the price may be lower, cheaper may be missing critical pieces of coverage.

Our approved providers cover the AMA, event sponsors, your organization, your officers, event workers, event spectators and participants. It can also list the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, state departments of natural resources or the U.S. Forest Service as additionally insured entities.

Of course, we all hope no one gets injured and that nobody sues your organization or those attached to your event. But the sad truth is – it happens. And contrary to what you might expect, most lawsuits come from event riders.

Event waivers are a crucial piece of protection for your organization and those attached to the event; however, if you are sued, you will still incur thousands of dollars in legal fees to get a court to even hear the case. The same is true of incorporating your organization. Incorporation helps protect your organization and its members against a lawsuit, but it isn’t foolproof.

The purpose of insurance is to protect the policyholder. Don’t settle for insurance that won’t fully cover everything you need it to. Saving $50 isn’t worth the possibility of having several thousand dollars in legal fees because your coverage is insufficient in an emergency.