Updated Post-Event Paperwork

A critical piece of post-event paperwork for competition organizers is the Referee Report Form. It has been updated to include space for penalties given and states where the results should be sent.

The AMA wants to assist event referees to ensure they are consistent with their penalties. The tracking and feedback provided by the referee reports will allow the AMA to flag chronic rule-breakers and identify the rules affected the most, so we can improve the rules. Please use this form to document any situation that needs to be brought to the attention of AMA staff.

The form can be found at http://www.americanmotorcyclist.com/Riding/Story/referee-resources-and-training.

Likewise, on the recreation side, the Recreational Event Report Form is a necessary piece of your post-event paperwork. It can be found at www.americanmotoryclist.com > For Partners > Resources and Forms > Referee Resources and Training. Previously, the same form was used for recreation and competition events. That is no longer the case.