AMA Membership Cards

Heather Wilson

Many of you are aware that in 2016 we encountered some errors with the magnetic strip on the back of the AMA membership cards. Therefore, many of you were unable to use a card reader to input racer data at your events. The AMA sent replacement cards to affected members. If you happen to run into a card that was not replaced, please encourage the cardholder to contact the AMA.

Additionally, there has been an extra digit added to make the AMA membership numbers all seven digits. If a membership number was previously six digits, a zero has been added to the front of the member number. Some data entry systems will not recognize a rider already in the system if you enter this added zero if the card did not previously have it. It’s recommended not to enter the zero into your system to avoid confusion in the database.

There are many different membership card options for your event participants to choose from when they purchase their membership online prior to the event: GasGas, Honda, Harley-Davidson, Indian, Kawasaki, KTM, Star, Yamaha, Suzuki, Victory, Zero and ATV cards are available. There’s also a U.S. Armed Forces card, woman rider and scooter card. All of these cards include the same benefits; they are just a way to customize and show brand loyalty.

Family memberships are available for $98 and cover as many as five family members living in the same household. This membership type is available only by calling 1 (800) AMA-JOIN. The family will receive one AMA magazine and all of the other AMA benefits apply.

Youth memberships, for ages 11 and younger, are $29 and can be purchased only at an event, using the AMA membership application pad.

One-event passes are a great way to help people get started in motorcycling, if they are unsure about a long-term commitment. The $20 membership option is available only at the track through the AMA membership application pad. The purchaser can then upgrade to a full membership by paying the remaining $29 within 120 days.