AMA Delegates Transition to Commissions

Heather Wilson

The AMA is transitioning to new procedures for developing rules for AMA-sanctioned competition events. The AMA will no longer hold elections for AMA Congress Delegates. In previous years, on average, only 14 percent of AMA-chartered organizations voted in these elections. As a result of this low turnout, participation in AMA Congress dropped significantly and the body failed to attract a wide range of racing experts to develop modern competition rules and polices.

The new commission-based process will open participation to additional subject-matter experts and allow broader representation of all types of competition. AMA Congress Delegates are invited to join AMA Competition Commissions in which their experience and expertise fit best.

AMA Competition Commission appointees will serve terms of two years, dating from their appointment.

The following AMA Competition Commissions have been established:

  1. AMA Sporting Commission
  2. AMA Medical/Safety Commission
  3. AMA Technical Commission
  4. AMA Motocross Commission
  5. AMA Off-Road Commission
  6. AMA Trials Commission
  7. AMA Flat Track Commission
  8. AMA Circuit Racing Commission
  9. AMA Specialized Sport Commission

Read more details at > For Members > AMA Commissions

An application for the commissions is available on the AMA website.