Vote Like A Motorcyclist

Nov. 8 Election Important For Riders

You won’t hear the candidates for elected office talking much about motorcycle issues in their TV or radio ads or during televised debates.

But don’t believe for a minute that the November election won’t have a big impact on motorcyclists’ rights and the future of the motorcycle lifestyle.

Whether the issue is access to public land, funding for road repairs, the amount of ethanol in our fuel or whether you can change the parts on your bike, those elected this year will have an impact—good or bad—on your chosen form of transportation.

To help you learn about the candidates and their views on issues directly effecting motorcyclists, the AMA has created the Vote Like A Motorcyclist online campaign (, where you can view information the candidates or their constituents provided. However, this program's success depends on constituents. If you don't see your representatives listed, please contact them.

And remember: Vote Like A Motorcyclist.