AMA Members, Staff Protest Parking Changes

D.C. Officials Make Quick Turnaround

Within a couple of days in July, Washington, D.C., officials put up and took down signs that restricted motorcycle parking during the weekday rush hour.

It was quick action by AMA members and staff that prompted such quick action in favor of commuting riders.

The district’s Department of Transportation erected the signs on the south side of the 1700 block of Rhode Island Avenue NW “as part of the mitigation strategies DDOT adopted to deal with congestion in the District during [Metrorail safety] operations.”

Michael Sayre, AMA grassroots coordinator, says the motorcycle parking area has about 30 meters, and at least four of the 10 parked bikes were ticketed for violating the new regulations.

AMA members Scott Simpson and Mike Sponseller notified the AMA’s D.C. office and contacted the DDOT, as well.

Sayre emailed the DDOT and quickly received this response: “After further consideration, we determined that the existence of motorcycle spaces will not have significant impact to maintaining traffic flow during the extended rush hour period. Thus, we will remove the signs effective today, July 27, 2016. The motorcycle spaces will be made available for the posted time on the signs.”

By evening, the signs were removed.

Simpson’s response: “Thank you for helping to make this happen! You just saved at least a bunch of D.C.-area motorcyclists a year’s worth of major headaches.”