EAGLES Frequently Asked Questions

Learn how to complete the training, what the levels are and more

You can work through the program at your own pace. You will click the AMA icon within each section to view the PDF of the training module. Then you will click the icon to the right to answer a few questions about the training you just reviewed and provide your information. This will also notify us as to who has completed what sections. Certificates and patches are sent weekly.  

Complete the Core Program of E A G (Education, Advocacy and Growth) to earn your AMA EAGLES patch. Complete the Volunteer Program of E A G E (Education, Advocacy, Growth and Expertise) to be a well-informed AMA volunteer. Complete all of the above plus the Skills module to be one step closer to completing the AMA EAGLES Leader program.  

Q.  How does the Core program differ from full EAGLES training?

A.  The AMA EAGLES Core program allows AMA members to get started by learning the basics of AMA history, AMA advocacy and the benefits of AMA membership.  All AMA EAGLES take the same Core program. Completion of the Core program will earn the AMA EAGLES patch.

Q.  So, the second E (Elements of Expertise) makes me an AMA EAGLES Volunteer?

A.  You don’t have to complete the program to do most volunteering with the AMA. However, those who complete the 4-part Volunteer program will find they are well-informed and able to answer almost any question they may be asked about the AMA.  Completing the Volunteer program makes volunteering with the AMA a more rewarding experience.

Q.  What’s with the Rights, Riding and Racing tracks? Do I need to do it all to earn my certificates or Leader patch?

A.  No. Once you’ve completed the Core program, you will notice that the remaining three modules have options. You only need to complete one option for the Skills module. For Elements of Expertise, you will complete a basic course, then choose your final lesson from among the tracks. You can do more than one if you wish, but only one track option is necessary. Also, you can mix up the tracks or stick to one.  For example, you may want to study the Racing Track, so you complete the Racing option for all three (Leadership, Expertise and Skills) modules; or you may want to mix-it-up a bit, so you complete the Rights option for Leadership, the Riding option for Expertise and the Racing option for Skills.  In this way you can really tailor the program to fit your interests. Information on the Leadership module is presented below.

Q.  I noticed the training online is not listed in the E-A-G-L-E-S order. Why is that?

A.  The EAGLES program is presented online in the best order for most people. Normally you will want to complete the Core program first to earn your EAGLES patch, then move on to the more specialized parts of the program. Members are welcome to tackle the modules in whatever order they like with one exception. The Leadership module is not available until all other parts of the program have been completed. For example, if you are working on the Riding track and have already taken a formal motorcycle training program and you wish to submit proof of that right away, feel free to complete the Skills module first.

Q.  Is the Leader program missing? I can’t find it.

A.  Completion of the AMA EAGLES Leader program is a special undertaking. It’s the little patch that takes the most effort to obtain, but those who do complete the Leader module often tell us they got more out of that one than all the rest combined. There are four ways to earn your leader patch. The first three involve completing four specific tasks relating to your preferred EAGLES track. The fourth option is to complete and document five years of volunteerism with the AMA. Once you have completed all other elements of EAGLES, simply let the AMA know you are ready to tackle Leadership by emailing the AMA State Chapters network at amascn@ama-cycle.org.

Q.  This looks like a lot of work. Am I on my own with this?

A.  Most AMA EAGLES move through the individual modules fairly quickly, so don’t feel overwhelmed. You are never alone in your efforts.  If you have any questions or issues along the way, simply email us at amascn@ama-cycle.org and we will be glad to help.

Q.  Once I’ve become an AMA EAGLE, what will be expected of me?

A.  AMA EAGLES are among the first to learn about volunteer and leadership opportunities in their state. AMA EAGLES define the commitment of time and effort that is right for them.

Q.  How much does EAGLES training cost?

A.  Online EAGLES training is free to all AMA members.

Q.  I prefer a paper copy of the training. Is that still possible? 

A.  Yes!  Through the end of 2017 EAGLES training will be made available in print free of charge. Beginning Jan. 1, 2018, a hard copy of EAGLES training will be available for $10. This nominal fee covers printing and shipping costs for EAGLES materials.