AMA Organizer Bulletin

To: AMA Organizers
From: AMA Racing and Organizer Services
Date: Feb. 3, 2012
Subject: Returning AMA Membership Application Pads

Help Us Help You!

It’s that time of year when clubs and promoters are busy organizing events and signing up new AMA members. There’s a lot of stuff going on, and it’s easy to lose track of a few things here and there.

This is just a friendly reminder that it’s important not to lose track of membership application pads. Sold memberships need to be returned to the AMA within two days of signing up the members. And unused application pads need to be returned to the AMA within 90 days of first receiving them.

Application pads are like blank checks. When the AMA issues application pads to a club or promoter, that club or promoter becomes responsible for every AMA application in the pad. When the unsold or voided applications are returned, we record this in our tracking system, so the club or promoter won’t be billed for any unused or voided applications.

So if you have an unused membership application pads that you’ve had for 90 days or more, or have some that you’ve received but won’t be using before March 31, please return them to:

AMA Organizer Services
13515 Yarmouth Dr.
Pickerington, OH 43147

Also, please remember to order new application pads that reflect the new annual membership dues of $49. As you know, renewing members can renew their memberships for $39 until March 31. After that, the annual dues are $49.

Questions? Call us at AMA Organizer Services, (614) 856-1900.

Thank you for everything you do to promote the sport we all love and to help protect your right to ride and race.

AMA Organizer Services