AMA Organizer Bulletin

To: AMA Organizers
From: AMA Racing and Organizer Services
Date: Feb. 3, 2012
Subject: AMA Membership Dues Increase

After 12 years with no dues increase, inflation and rising costs have caught up with AMA membership. As of Jan. 1, 2012, the price of AMA membership is $49.

In addition to funding racing programs within the AMA, membership dues also protect your right to race—including helping to power the recent victory over the lead law that banned sales of youth dirt bikes and ATVs to kids.

However, to help ease the transition to the new price for our loyal members, the AMA is honoring the $39 price for RENEWING MEMBERS ONLY, through March 31, 2012. Additionally, renewing members ONLY have the option to lock in the old price for up to three years. That's two years of AMA membership for $78, or three years for $117.

The easiest way to renew is online, and we urge you to push your racers to sign up online prior to race day. However, for those who have not, the AMA is committed to allowing our best customers—renewing AMA members—take advantage of this savings offer through March 31.

If you're signing up a RENEWING member prior to March 31:

  • Verify that the rider is an AMA member by double-checking that he or she has an AMA card with an expiration of "2 / 2012" or later
  • Circle the AMA number on the application pad
  • Strike through the "$49" and write in "$39" and collect $39/year for that member.

NEW MEMBERS (those without an AMA card with an expiration of "2 /2012" or later) should be charged the new price of $49, as of Jan. 1, 2012.

Please note that any AMA member with memberships expiring after "2 / 2012" (existing members), may also "lock in" the $39 price for up to three years—a significant savings. This offer will be honored through March 31, 2012.

After March 31, 2012, the $49 price is in effect for all signups—new members and renewal members.

Thank you for your efforts. You are a vital part of the AMA team!

AMA Organizer Services